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Gutter Installation and Repair

Proper rain gutter installation is a necessary defense for your home’s landscaping, exterior, and foundation. Without a well installed gutter systems, homeowners run the risk of weather damage to their roof or siding, in extreme cases the threat becomes standing water that will damage your landscaping or foundation. R Celeste Construction offers rain gutter installation and repair to our clients to help reduce the risk of water damage.

It’s not enough to just install rain gutter systems, it has to be done right. Countless times we have had to perform rain gutter replacement on properties where the previous contractor failed to properly install the gutters. At R Celeste Construction, we slope the gutters to the downspout to make sure they can do their intended job. Whenever possible, we terminate our gutters and downspouts into existing lawn drains to safely remove water from your property. If this isn’t possible, we attached an extension to the base of the downspout. This allows the rain gutter installation to minimize settlement and water damage to the foundation of your home.

roof gutter

R Celeste Construction has experience installing the following types of gutters:

man installing gutter

As the name suggests, seamless rain gutters are one cohesive piece without any seams, thus reducing the chance of leaks. We recommend this product for gutter replacement to clients that seek a low maintenance rain gutter installation.


A premium gutter product, if you like the bronzed color of copper, then consider this system for a gutter replacement.


Galvanized steel is an effective material due to it’s resistance to corrosion and contracting. Rain gutter repair isn’t as frequent with this material. Galvanized steel gutters are perfect for northern climates with ice and snow conditions, much like Chicago!