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Crumbling mortar, missing bricks and sagging masonry are all telltale signs that an inspection of your masonry is well overdue. Don’t be fooled, these symptoms are much more than an eyesore; neglected masonry can lead to expensive masonry work much further down the line. If your chimney isn’t properly maintained, you’re running the risk of rain snow, and small animals getting into your home. These threats can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot, costing thousands of dollars to properly repair.

While bricks are among the world’s most resilient building materials, the same cannot be said about the mortar that holds it all together. R Celeste Construction has masonry contractors that inspect your home for any gaps in the mortar. If we find any issues, our expert team has several masonry restoration solutions.

Please look at our two major masonry restoration services below:

chimney with tuckpointing brick


When your chimney’s mortar has noticeable gaps, the cheapest solution is laying new mortar before it’s beyond repair. Tuckpointing brick is the process of replacing old mortar. Here’s an overview of the process:


Old mortar is ground out at a uniform depth


Filling in the space with new red mortar.


Forming grooves in the red mortar.


Filling the grooves with a color that matches the original mortar

Chimney Rebuild

Sometimes our masonry contractors will find that your chimney is in a state that no masonry restoration can possibly save it. In these situations, the only solution is to tear down your old chimney and start from scratch. This is a much more expensive alternative to tuckpointing, we tend to reserve this solution for only the most extreme cases.

R Celeste Construction’s masonry contractors are some of the best in the business. We can look at your masonry work and make recommendations how to best correct the problem. You will know how much the service will cost, and when we intend to complete the job. We never cut corners and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

man on masonry restoration